Ableton’s Loop Berlin: Holly Herndon’s Lectures

Posted on Sunday, 28th February, 2016 at 8:54 pm

Ableton's Loop Berlin

Holly Herndon's Lectures From Ableton's Loop Berlin

Last October, Ableton held its first Loop event in Berlin – a summit for music makers which took the form of lectures, workshops and number of panel discussions. Various pieces of content were created as a product of the three day event, the first of which come from Holly Herndon, and are now available to view.

Loop | Holly Herndon on Process

In this audio-visual talk recorded at Ableton’s Loop summit for music makers, Holly Herndon describes the role process plays in her creative vision. Drawing on her experience as a recording artist, her studies at Mills College and Stanford University’s Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Holly discusses the conceptual frameworks surrounding her process-based composition methods.

Using audio and video examples from her recent work she reflects on how government surveillance, internet age aesthetics and collaborations with Mat Dryhurst, Metahaven and others inform her mission to capture the ‘sound of now’.

Loop | Holly Herndon & Jace Clayton

After a presentation describing the process behind her work at Loop 2015, Holly Herndon sat down to a conversation with fellow composer Jace Clayton AKA DJ/rupture. The two forward-thinking producers engage each other on the subjects of artistry as activism, working in both club and academic contexts, the role of optimism and euphoria in electronic music, plus autotune and much more.

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