Circo Loco Closing Party Hits Another Level

Posted on Tuesday, 9th October, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Ever since the line up leaked online the DC10 closing party has been the topic of conversations, tweets and facebook threads all over the world. Flights have been booked specifically on the strength of the DC10 closing party, credit cards flexed to the max to make sure of attendance. Ibiza has seen some amazing array of talent over the years and this summer’s closing parties has raised the bar as far as entertainment is concerned but i think it’s fair to award DC10 the gold medal for this one. Everywhere you look there is a DJ at the top of their game, who could headline most parties anywhere else on the planet. As we park the car and make the short walk to the door of the iconic venue we can’t help but feel a buzz of excitement about what will follow.

DC10’s Circo Loco closing party is notorious for its fancy dress, all the crazies come out for this one and there is certain to be more than a few bright red afro wigs cutting about this afternoon. This is more than a party to many of these dedicated clubbers, I noticed at least three half sleeve Circo Loco tattoos, branded for life, inseparable from your favourite club! The sun is blazing down and the first crowd has started to congregate in the garden and catch some rays before they go about the serious business of sending the party off in style, as the final match gets underway. The main room and terrace have both been open since midday with Tato, Ivo Toscano, Filo Sonik and Rene already playing their part in the extravaganza. Garagem and Negru are going back to back in the terrace as we enjoy the ice-cold air conditioning for a bit. The two members of Youth Invasion Muzik are delivering a deep and groovy house set to get the party started and the room is starting to come to life. Some people look fresh and ready for the marathon session while some have clearly just swapped one marathon clubbing experience for another, there is no doubt in my mind, however, that these will be the last people standing!

Back out in the garden area and there is a stage at the bottom end, flanked on either side by a tower of speakers that we know to be the loudest sound system on the planet, having been invited to a villa in the Ibiza hills by Void to hear the VOID Incubus system earlier in the summer. First up to put the new system through its paces is New York based, outer planetary hipsters Soul Clap. Elyte and Cynce proclaim to be from another planet where funk and soul is the lifeblood of all beings, we wouldn’t argue with them on the strength of their performance here, the beats have a real disco flavour and the basslines are throbbing, the garden is getting its groove on, the mothership will be happy. After a quick lap of the interior to do our nosey and cool down, we head back to the garden, where the atmosphere is really picking up, the sun is still hot and System of Survival is at the helm. Their album, ‘Needle and Thread’ is making waves in the electronic community at the moment as they are with the ever-growing crowd in front of them.

Anyone that has ever experienced a normal Monday in DC10 will be acutely aware of the unique atmosphere that it generates, mainly down to the amazing talent that passes through it but also due to the fact that Monday is normally the dreaded return to work day, the worst day of everyone’s working week and to be partying hard when everyone else s at their desk does add that little edge to the proceedings. Take that normal vibrant Monday atmosphere and multiply it, the closing party takes the original formula and adds the last ever Ibiza Circo Loco of 2012, making this the craziest party of the summer, hands down! From early in the afternoon the crowd was vocal, whistling and cheering, even before there were enough of them to make any real noise. Now, as Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom take centre stage, we are giving the low flying planes overhead a run for their money!

The two D’s go back to back yet again, although this summer they have also included their label mate Shonky in a back to back to back performance that they call Apollonia, same name of their new label. If the tunes that are washing over the garden crowd are any indication of the quality we can expect from the new imprint, the future looks very bright for the three amigos, not to mention us, as we benefit from the talent that the label will harness. Chunky beats, mobile basslines, added percussion, a dash of funk and the odd sultry vocal has the big crowd screaming at every opportunity. This is a double act that knows each other’s game inside out; they are mixing in between each other flawlessly and giving us plenty to shout about! The fact that they are also playing as the sun starts to lose it’s ferocious heat and that witching hour between light and dark sets in, gives the whole performance another edge.

Meanwhile, inside on the Terrace two Circo Loco veterans go back to back as Clive Henry and Cirillo give the new breed a taste of the classic Circo Loco vibe. These tow have been rocking the Dc10 dacnefloors as long as they have had them! It’s too difficult to catch up with everyone that’s playing, you’d end up just constantly walking in circles through the club for a dozen hours, that said, I’m sure that there was a clown in every room that went into! The garden is our default setting for the night it would seem as we always seem to find ourselves back outside, the combination of the night air, the now dark sky, the fact that we have spent most of the day there and have comrades all around us and the amazing line up, makes it a hard place to leave. Jamie Jones is now overseeing the tunage and it’s deep and dirty and the crowd reacts accordingly. His Hot Creations partner, Richy Ahmed, played earlier in the main room so one of the hottest labels on the planet is well represented.

At this point we have to hold our hands up and say that the rest of the night is pretty much a blur, no matter how hard we tried to stay objective and bring you details of every minute of the Circo Loco closing party, we got involved! We may have caught the Martinez Brothers in the Terrace, although memory is hazy. They have been our new found favourites, having only caught them live for the first time this summer. The energy that they have in the booth translates to the dancefloor and when you’re dropping bombs on a crowd that thrives off them, you’re never going to go wrong. Other highlights from the night include Dubfire, who rocked the main room and things we wished we had caught, but for reasons you will by now understand didn’t, include Kerri Chandler, Mace Plex, Dixon and Richie Hawtin. The line up was unbelievable but brought with it the headache of deciding where to plant yourself for the duration. For the most part we choose the garden and looking back, we didn’t do too badly. We said goodbye to Circo Loco for 2012, saw an amazing number of talented DJs and once again enjoyed the unique atmosphere that this particular club generates. I’m pretty sure that there are still after parties ongoing as we put this report together. Roll on Ibiza 2013!