Marvellous Island 2014

Wed 7th May 2014 to Sat 10th May 2014 France / Paris


Back for a second round, Paris’s first open-air festival party returns to show cities around the world how to merge magical wonderment with electronic beats. Taking over a secret island nestled within Paris but hidden from the lively hustle and bustle, Marvellous Island is a flamboyant feast of electronic escapism.

More than just a festival, a wealth of creative minds from sound engineers to talented scenographers gather to transform the island into an enchanted land, where the stages and surrounding festival areas are lavishly decorated from head to toe.

Inviting 140+ acts along with 10 of the biggest electronic labels, Marvellous Island dominates the Parisian public holiday with 70 hours of electronic beats for 20,000 urban movers and shakers.

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Line up

Wednesday 7th May

Black Box – Ibz To Cdg: Matthias Tanzmann // Matador (Live) //Barem // Canadian Guest TBA // Pepperpot // Marwan Sabb

Temple Stage – Suol Showcase + Friends: Fritz Kalkbrenner // Guti (Live) // Daniel Bortz // M.A.N.D.Y. // Chopstick & Johnston // Audiofly // Amnaye

Jungle Room – Marvellous Friends: Robert Dietz // Hector // Fabio Giannelli // Cracki Crew B2B // La Mamie’s

Thursday 8th May

Black Box – Diynamic Showcase: Solomun // Kollektiv Turmstrasse // H.O.S.H. // Karmon // Panda Electric Garden

Temple Stage – Vocal, Sax & Sun: Klingande // Alle Farben // Robin Schulz // Nico Pusch // Solee // Naxxos // Dimmi

Jungle Room – Delicieuse Musique Room: Parra For Cuva (Live) // + Jona Mayr // Stavroz // Stereoclip // Viken Arman // Trashlagoon // Delicieuse Family

Friday 9th May

Black Box – Sci+Tec Showcase: Dubfire // Carlo Lio // Joop Junior (Live) // Moon b2b Laurent Kemler

Temple Stage – Berliner Friends: Nicone & Sascha Braemer // Dirty Doering // Animal Trainer // Blomqvist (Live) // Nu (Live) // Rampue (Live) // Nod One’s Head

Jungle Room – Fk & Cocobeach Family: Sucre Sale // Gulivert // Marcelo Cura (Live) // Onetram // Jay Call // Moggli // Nox

Saturday 10th May

Black Box – Sale! / LA Papa: Barbara Butch // Reno // Aubry // Jules // DJ Suri // DJ Kingstone // Teddy Clarcks

Temple Stage – Crazyvores / We: RV // Worx // Sebastien Triumph // Manuel De Diego // Luiggi

Jungle Room –  Cockorico / Code 69: Mlle Caro // Aurelie // Maxime Iko // Antaum B // Liquid Soul // Raf Fender


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Alle Farben, Amnaye, Animal Trainer, Antaum B, Aubry, Audiofly, Aurelie, Barbara Butch, Barem, Blomqvist, Britta Arnold, Carlo Lio, Chopstick & Johnston, Cracki Crew, Daniel Bortz, Delicieuse, Dimmi, Dirty Doering, Diynamic, DJ Kingstone, DJ Suri, Dubfire, Fabio Giannelli, Fk & Cocobeach, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Gulivert, Guti, H.O.S.H., Hector, Jay Call, Jona Mayr, Joop Junior, Jules, Karmon, Klingande, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, La Mamie's, Laurent Kemler, Laurent Kemler b2b Moon, Liquid Soul, Luiggi, M.A.N.D.Y., Manuel De Diego, Marcelo Cura, Marwan Sabb, Matador, Matthias Tanzmann, Maxime Iko, Mlle Caro, Moggli, Moon b2b Laurent Kemler, Naxxos, Nico Pusch, Nicone, Niconé & Sascha Braemer, Nod One's Head, Nox, Nu, Onetram, Panda Electric Garden, Parra For Cuva, Pepperpot, Raf Fender, Rampue, Re:No, Robert Dietz, Robin Schulz, RV, Sascha Braemer, Sci+Tec, Sebastien Triumph, Solee, Solomun, Stavroz, Stereoclip, Sucré Salé, Suol, Teddy Clarcks, Trashlagoon, Viken Arman, Worx