Allen & Heath Xone DB4 DJ Mixer

£2,041.64 £1,468.99

The Xone:DB4 is a ground-breaking mixer and the most advanced product that Allen & Heath have ever designed. Every feature has been meticulously researched with a view to offering DJs ultimate creativity. Based on the iLive pro-touring FX system, A&H developed FX algorithms with BPM conscious parameters and tight spectral control, customised to perfectly fit the DJ environment. As the loops and FX are automatically synchronised to the tempo of the track, it is very easy to build some amazing grooves and soundscapes without problems of latency, low fidelity and the general hassle often associated with using software and laptops.

The icing on the cake is the flexible input matrix, where any audio source can be selected on any or all of the channels. Different processing can be applied to the same track on separate channels and you can fade between them, or a phrase sampled in the looper of one channel can be added to the mix later in the track. Our digital design team has done an incredible job to ensure that this is one of the most innovative and exciting DJ mix tools to date.



Allen & Heath’s all singing, all dancing digital mixer is the (four channel) Xone:DB4, a model full of connection possibilities including USB for your laptop as well as traditional RCA ports for CDJs and vinyl turntables. The four channels are flanked by two of Allen & Heath’s well-loved resonant filters that include hi pass, low pass and band pass modes with resonance and cut off control. Perhaps one of the most practical developments on this mixer is the useful input matrix that means you can reassign input channels on the front panel without the need to re plug the channels on the rear of the unit. This digital mixer is also a high grade 4in/4out audio interface delivering 96kHz/24bit resolution.

To top off the feature set, there is a comprehensive Quad FX core that allows for different FX on each of the four channels. The delays, reverbs, modulators, resonators and damage FX all have patch libraries of different variations for each effect type. Each channel has the capability to sample phrases and replay them as loops, including the ability to recall those loops for later use in the mix. Furthermore, the proprietary X:Link connection ports give you the option of adding the Xone:K series controllers to your set up as well as full MIDI control capabilities, and you have a powerful mixer that can withstand the demands of professional use.