AKG K181 DJ UE Ultimate Edition Reference Class DJ Headphones (black)


Developed based on input from professional DJs, the K181 DJ UE reference class DJ headphones provides all the features needed for those who own the crowd at the club. Closed back design and a sturdy 50 mm transducer deliver enough power to withstand even the strongest PA speakers, especially for PFL (pre-fader-listening).

Depending on your working conditions the bass boost will help you catch the beat and the coiled cable gives you freedom to move around without having to worry about stepping on the cable. The small packing size makes it the perfect companion for your LP case or laptop bag.



The K81 features a closed cup design with excellent isolation with an adjustable head band to fit your domepiece securely. The medium-sized drivers in each cone produce a punchy sound with a healthy dose of bass reproduction and smooth mids, as to be expected from a world class brand such as AKG. A quick look at the frequency response of these headphones confirms they reproduce frequencies all the way down to 16Hz (that’s Mika Vainio territory) and reach all the way up to 24 kHz (Raster-Noton range).

AKG have designed these headphones with an exceptionally lengthy two and a half metre cable that is more than long enough to have you move about the place freely. In addition, these cans feature a three dimensional folding mechanism that allows you to neatly tuck them into the drawstring bag they’re shipped with. The K81’s feature fully reversible ear cups that accommodate single ear monitoring and although these headphones might not have as clearly defined high frequency reproduction as some higher end models, you will be hard pressed to find a better pair of affordable DJ cans that are value for money.