Shure SRH750 DJ Professional Headphones (Champagne Gold)


The Shure SRH750DJ headphone has the largest driver in the Shure headphone range. You can expect particularly high bass response with extended heighs. With a high rated load of 3000 mW this headphone can cope with very high volumes clearly and distortion-free.

Impedance is perfectly co-ordinated with DJ-mixers and the closed design blocks ambient noise out in loud locations (AKA DJ Booths!).

What is included?
A heaphone carrying pouch, a 1/4″ adapter, plus a spare pair of earpads.



Specifically designed for cueing, mixing and general listening, the SRH750DJ from Shure are aimed at providing active DJs with something durable. Without squashing or distorting the sound, large 50mm drivers offer detailed bass and rich, high-end frequency response levels when played at loud volumes, making them suitable for use in a DJ booth. The closed cup earphones can be swivelled (with comfort in mind) for DJs who favour single ear monitoring, and Shure have furnished the SRH750DJ with a thick, adjustable head band. It’s also possible to fully fold the drivers under the headband so they can fit into the provided carrier bag too.

The SRH750DJ’s 50mm drivers fit over the ears in a design that provides sufficient isolation from exterior sound. Those who have used the SRH750DJ in the pass report this model’s bass response provide a solid oomph while the bright highs are enough to cut through fog of excessive outside noise. Their larger size means they’ll standout when worn, but this is duly offset by how snug they fit around your head. A pouch and quarter-inch adapter are included.