Shine June 2014 in Review

Posted on Tuesday, 8th July, 2014 at 2:39 pm

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On Saturday 28th June the legendary club night SHINE took over the Student Union at Queens University, Belfast once again with a blockbuster of a line up across three rooms. Amid a hectic touring schedule and hot of the back of her acclaimed Fabric 75 mix release, MAYA JANE COLES made a highly anticipated return to Belfast and was joined in the main room by Belfast’s own globe-trotting DJ export Phil Kieran and local 4lux signing JC Williams. MJC is somewhat of an enigma in today’s music world and a colossal booking for any venue so it was delight to see her perform at Belfast’s notorious and steadfast stomping ground, Mandella Hall.

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There is no stopping local Techno creative DSNT at the minute. Ahead of their recently announced showcase at Exit Festival this month, they welcomed the young Scottish duo, CLOUDS to their territory within QUB SU, the Sub Bar. With support from DSNT resident RYAN DALLAS and SCHMUTZ they completely annihilated the place. In recent years Clouds have garnered support from a host of techno heavyweights and have since exploded onto the underground scene. This forward thinking booking was an absolute treat for the techno fiends among us and for all who like to indulge in the occasional bit of earth shattering music.

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Belfast based nomadic underground House & Techno collective, BEAT BBQ hosted the Bunatee and welcomed US House legend JOVONN. Boasting a DJ’ing & Production career spanning over 20 years with an extensive back catalogue of over 200 releases, Jovonn has experienced quite a renaissance in recent years and has just recently released an EP for the popular French trio Apollonia (Shonky, Dan Ghenacia & Dyed Soundorom). Support came in the form of Beat Barbecue residents LIAM GRAY, NEZ and DAVE SOUTHWELL.

We arrived a little late to the party and headed straight into Room 2 where we caught a bit of the BEAT BBQ RESIDENTS getting things warmed up for Jovonn. It was relatively chilled in there, by comparison to the other two rooms, adding a nice contrast to the overall night and a haven for the house heads. We grabbed some drinks and stuck around for a bit to get warmed up before heading to Room 3 for some no messin’ techno. “John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls)” was a track that, even after 10 years, still gets a good rise from the crowd. It’s retro vibe with early Murk-esque undertones was our stand out track for the early stages in The Bunatee.


We got to Room 3 in time to catch CLOUDS. We were really keen to see these guys perform, there had been a lot of hype on the run up to this gig and we had been following them from behind a computer screen for quite some time. By the time we entered the room everyone was in full flight! We found loads of familiar faces and friends in this room – many of the usual Shine suspects, the place was packed out! I am not going to lie, it was a complete sweat box, literally felt like it was dripping from the ceiling but to be fair that’s how we like it!

A stand out track for us was from the mysterious Russian, Gesloten Cirkel. Being silent since last year, this Moscow-based anonymous artist has just launched an album of demolition on Murder Capital. Clouds played the album’s title track “Submit X” to great effect and for us, it was one which particularly grabbed our attention with rousing techno drum patterns and a robotic vocal sample.


After a bit of rushing about to catch the end of Phil Kieran / start of Maya Jane Coles’ set we returned to Room 3 just in time to catch the changeover between clouds and Ryan Dallas. From what we heard of their set, it peaked for us when they played “Chained to a Dead Camel” which was the penultimate track of their set. Holy hell what a track! One of Clouds’ two original tracks on Oversee Assembly’s 2nd release “Radical Cutting Methods” and featured on Ben Sims’ Fabric 73 mix. It completely destroyed the place!


The duo brought things down and handed over to Dallas with “Jamie XX – All Under One Roof Raving” released on Young Turks just over a week ago. This tongue in cheek celebration of all things UK rave orientated is packed full of vocal samples, with an understated groove as the backdrop to a wealth of documentary chatter, MC toasts and dancefloor testimonials. The track deals in steel drums, ponderous pads, a well-rounded club bump – but there’s more chaos present: the stuttering rhythm is periodically pulled back to reveal a grizzled underbelly of static-seeped bass. A nice choice for the handover. Definitely something different.


As I mentioned we popped over to Room 1 to catch the end of PHIL KIERAN’s set and I have to say it was well worth it. Phil was rocking the main room as he so often has done over the years. Most people reading this will know that in the earlier stages of Phil’s career, it Shine where he began to make a name for himself and has since has made the transition from local hero to player on the global stage in grand style. We really enjoyed everything we heard from Phil but a highlight would have to be when he played his own track, “I Can’t Go On” towards the end of his set. Rolling with wavy analogue punches and a whispered vocals, it peaks and troughs with electro energy but carries the same insistency that all his records do; no holds barred techno.


MAYA JANE COLES then took to the stage and greeted Phil Kieran with a friendly embrace. The room has filled some more as the crowd edged towards the front to see the headliner come on. I believe the first track she played was “Last Magpie – Chicken Shop” from the album “She Won’t Let” but I can’t seem to find a sample to add anywhere as it seems to be an unreleased track/album so this is a heads up to keep an eye out for it as it started MJC’s set off beautifully.

Another stunning part of the set was when she played “Everything” which was the second track taken from her debut album “Comfort”. Maya’s LP is an eclectic melting pot of sounds and textures drawing on everything from house and techno through to R&B and Dub and was released internationally at the beginning of July 2013 on Maya’s own imprint I/AM/ME. Unlike many of her other vocal tracks, she’s employed Swedish singer Karin Park to take the mic for this one. I have added the video for this one instead of the Soundcloud player as I found it intriguing, like a snippet from a twisted psychological thriller.


Another one to note is “Joyce Muniz – Sleepless (Wehbba Remix)”, released on Warung Recordings in May and already the best selling track of the last year for the talented Brazilian female artist who also has signings to the likes of I/AM/ME, Get Physical and 2020 Vision. This went down particularly well with the crowd towards the later stages of the night.


Maya took a slightly darker turn this one, “Kabale und Liebe – Too Many Circuses, Not Enough Freaks” which was released as part of the “Sammy Hoboken” EP on Soweso Records earlier this year. She had the entire room in a frenzy with the build, all hands were in the air waiting patiently for the drop which literally lifted the crowd off the ground.


Without a doubt though, the highlight of the night in the main room came at the end with the infamous “sit down” took place. To me the sit down is synonymous with my first season in Ibiza when I first witnessed it at DC10. I knew that it had caught on over the years but never in my days have I seen a sit down at Shine! “Ella Fitzgerald – Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix) was the perfect track and though there seemed to be a few eager beavers among the crowd, on the whole it was executed beautifully and provided a totally unexpected climax to the night.


All in all another top night at Shine. We would like to thank the promoters for having us to review the event and we shall leave you with an extra special gift from DSNT in the form of a recorded set from CLOUDS!

Words: Sarah Maguire
Photos: Luke Joyce