VIVa Warriors @ T13, Belfast – Hype is building!!

Posted on Wednesday, 9th April, 2014 at 1:17 pm

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Just in case you haven’t already heard… Something extra special is coming to Belfast on Easter Monday! Moth presents VIVa Warriors Warehouse Party at T13 in Titanic Quarter. On the back of two exceptional seasons in Ibiza and sell out shows all over Europe, The Warriors are coming to Belfast to wreak havoc upon T13, led by VIVa MUSiC boss, Steve Lawler and Anëk, with support  from a host of local talent including Dale Hooks, Steve Boyd, Frederick Fringe, Deep City Groove, Garillo Dansek and Richie Blacker.

The hype surrounding Moth’s flagship event at Titanic Quarter, Belfast has been building at a steady pace since early March. Anyone who is into underground house music knows that VIVa Warriors coming to Belfast for a warehouse party is something not to be missed but anyone who knows T13 will know that this event as a whole is going to be completely off the scale!! Like many of you (unless you are into urban sports), we had never been to T13, which is normally used as huge indoor skate park but we were lucky enough to be invited to the Press Launch held at the venue last month. Well… we were completely blown away – so much so that we decided to throw together a video teaser to give people a better idea of where the event will be held and the sheer size of the venue.

We took a drive on Sunday to get some footage and then had a bash at editing it (ourselves – for this first time!) and came up with a pretty decent little promo video! We posted the video on YouTube last night and it has since been getting tweets and shares all over the show by all the right people… Moth, VIVa Music, Steve Lawler, Anëk and Dale Hooks to name a few. Needless to say, we are over the moon with the response and even more excited about the event and the coverage we will be doing on Easter Monday!! Anyway… this is what we wanted to show you…

So, if you have made your mind up to go… here is what you need to know… Tickets are priced at just £20 and you can purchase your tickets here. Doors open at 19.00 on Monday 21st April. For more info, map for the location of the venue and if you need accommodation you can also get all of that here.

If you would like to enter our Competition to win 2 tickets to VIVa Warriors at T13 you can do that here…



If you are still not sure and want to know what type of music VIVa Warriors play then this is for you…



Finally, check out the recent action on Facebook and Twitter. All roads lead to T13… BE THERE!