Enter.Ibiza 2013 CD and Weekly Live Stream

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd July, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. begins its 13 week residency at Space in Ibiza this Thursday with performances from artists including Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Paco Osuna, Photek, Tale of Us, Demdike Stare and Hot Since 82.

This week also sees the release of the new ENTER.IBIZA 2013 CD to mark the start of Season 2. Featuring mixes from Paco Osuna, Hito, Barem and Mathew Hawtin, the 4CD collection is designed to showcase the different sounds and moods from each room within ENTER.

We can also reveal a new weekly live stream in association with Resident Advisor / Live Beats, broadcasting live from a different room within ENTER. each week.

Press Release: July 03, 2013

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Take the next step… ENTER.
Music. Sake. Technology. Experience.


RA streams live from ENTER. each week, powered by LiveBeats

First live stream takes place this Thursday with Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna and Gaiser (Live)

ENTER.IBIZA 2013 CD, featuring mixes from Paco Osuna, Hito, Barem and Mathew Hawtin, is released this week

€10 entry with a black DOT somewhere on your body before 10pm!

ENTER. returns to Space in Ibiza this Thursday night with a spectacular opening line-up, heralding the beginnings of season 2 of ENTER. Richie Hawtin invites you to ‘take the next step’, in what promises to be the biggest night of the summer so far.

RA streams live from ENTER, powered by LiveBeats

In an exciting new development for 2013, Resident Advisor will stream live from ENTER. each and every week, powered by LiveBeats. The weekly video stream is RA’s first ever Live Streaming partnership, and one that will showcase Richie Hawtin’s club concept in Ibiza to a truly global audience of electronic music fans. For the opening party on Thursday 04 July, the live video stream will begin at 2230hrs as Richie Hawtin sets the tone for the night ahead with a special early set at ENTER.Sake, before the action moves to the main room at midnight with performances from Paco Osuna and Gaiser (Live) before Hawtin steps up for a second performance, taking the party through to close.

Week 1 Live Stream


22:30 – 0000                         Richie Hawtin           ENTER.Sake
00:00 – 02:30                        Paco Osuna              ENTER.Main
02:30 – 03:30                        Gaiser (live)              ENTER.Main
03:30 – Close                        Richie Hawtin           ENTER.Main

Other artists lined up for this exclusive live stream across the season include Luciano, Visionquest, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Nina Kraviz, Azari & III, Damian Lazarus, Maceo Plex, Mathew Jonson, Delano Smith, Matador (live), Heartthrob, Francesca Lombardo, South London Ordnance, Christian Smith, Barem, Carlo Ruetz, Hobo, Marc Faenger, Heidi, Hot Since 82 and more. Tune in to residentadvisor.net/enterlive every Thursday night for your chance to experience ENTER.

“For our first foray into Video Streaming it was important we worked with event and technology partners that understood our desire to present a high-quality stream that captured not only the music, but also the feeling of the party. ENTER & LiveBeats shared the same streaming ideals, so we pretty quickly agreed an approach that hopefully provides a window into the world of ENTER and showcases artist performances to corners of the world they might not otherwise be heard. “Nick Sabine, Director, RA


To mark the start of ENTER. Season 2, Minus have released a special edition CD. The ENTER.IBIZA 2013 release is a collection of the different sounds and moods encountered in each room at ENTER., making the listening experience akin to taking a trip through an entire ENTER.Ibiza night from beginning to end. Starting with the pre-party at ENTER.Sake, Japanese DJ Hito delivers a mix delving into the more subtler areas of beat driven Electronic Music.  Minus’s own Barem takes us into the next step of the more housier ENTER.Terrace area and then it’s time for ENTER.Main and the pulsating intensity of Space’s main room with Minus artists & ENTER.Ibiza resident Paco Osuna delivering a high octane mix of todays best forward thinking Techno. ENTER.Air rounds out the experience, heading to Space’s top level open air terrace for a more relaxed selection of ambience and atmospheres.

“Take the next step with us, listen, enjoy and welcome to the sounds of ENTER.IBIZA 2013!” Richie Hawtin

Week 1 at ENTER.

This Thursday, ENTER. begins at 9.30pm as ENTER.Sake takes centre stage with a sake tasting session hosted by Richie Hawtin and Hito before performances from Hawtin, Hito and new resident Bella SarrisPaco Osuna will make a welcome return to ENTER.Main alongside a live show from Gaiser and the first main room set of the season from Richie Hawtin.  Meanwhile, ENTER.Terrace will play host to the first of six performances from new resident Nina Kraviz, plus guests Tale of Us, Hot Since 82 and Barem. And over in the newly created ENTER.Mind British duo Demdike Stare will perform live whilst Photek steps up for a special 6 hour set at ENTER.Air, his first ever performance in Ibiza.    


Music. Sake. Technology. Experience.

Week 1 July 4

Main.             Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Gaiser (Live)
Terrace.         Nina Kraviz, Tale Of Us, Hot Since 82, Barem
Sake.               Richie Hawtin, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Demdike Stare (Live), The Jass
Air.                  Photek

Week 2 July 11

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Hector
Terrace.         Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex, Catz ‘N Dogz (Live), Delano Smith
Sake.               Damian Lazarus, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Andy Stott (Live), Matthew Hawtin
Air.                  Ean Golden

Week 3 July 18

Main.                Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Audion (Live)
Terrace.           Magda, Heidi, Barem, Hot Since 82
Sake.                Richie Hawtin, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.               Vatican Shadow (Live), Eli
Air.                  James Lavelle

Week 4 July 25

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Matador (Live), Hobo
Terrace.         Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything, Tale Of Us, South London Ordnance
Sake.               Disclosure (DJ), Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.              Recondite (Live), Matthew Hawtin
Air.                  Daniel Miller Vs. Seth Hodder

Week 5 August 1

Main.             Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus, Gaiser (Live)
Terrace.         Visionquest 13 (Troxler, Curtiss, Reeves, Crosson), Magda
Sake.               Eats Everything, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.              Function (Live), Clark Warner
Air.                  TEED (DJ)

Week 6 August 8

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Victor Calderone, Julian Jeweil (Live)
Terrace.         Nina Kraviz, Tale Of Us, Laura Jones, Marc Faenger
Sake.               Jamie Jones, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Jon Gaiser Presents Void (Live), Milton Bradley
Air.                  Francois K.

Week 7 August 15

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann B2B Ben Klock, Nsound
Terrace.         Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Azari & III (DJ), South London Ordnance
Sake.               M-Nus Special Gaiser Vs. Matador Vs. Hobo, Hito
Mind.             TM404 (Live), Miles Whittaker
Air.                  Grimes (DJ)

Week 8 August 22

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth
Terrace.         Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Benoit & Sergio (Live), Huxley
Sake.               Paco Osuna, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Claro Intelecto (Live), Atom Heart
Air.                  Phil Kieren

Week 9 August 29

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Matador (Live)
Terrace.         Maceo Plex, Magda, Tale Of Us, Valentino Kanzyani
Sake.               Dubfire, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             G.H. (Live)
Air.                  Tom Middleton

Week 10 September 5

Main.             Richie Hawtin Vs. Luciano, Christian Smith, Heartthrob
Terrace.         Maya Jane Coles, Magda, Cassy, Ernesto Ferreyra B2B Mirko Loco
Sake.              Luciano, NYMA, Hito
Mind.              Luke Hess, Matthew Hawtin
Air.                  Bella Sarris

Week 11 September 12

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Ambivalent
Terrace.         Damian Lazarus, Mathew Jonson (Live), Barem Francesca Lombardo
Sake.               Nina Kraviz, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Miles Whittaker, Vessel (Live)
Air.                  Matthew Hawtin

Week 12  September 19

Main.             Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Hobo
Terrace.         Loco Dice (5 Hour Set), Carlo Ruetz
Sake.               Maya Jane Coles, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.              Lee Gamble (Live), Etapp Kyle
Air.                  Mark Ernestus & DJ Pete

Week 13 September 26

Main.              Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Matador (Live)
Terrace.         Maya Jane Coles, Josh Wink, Claude Von Stroke, Hot Since 82
Sake.               Marcel Dettmann, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind.             Andy Stott (Live), Tommi Sähkö
Air.                  John Acquaviva

ENTER. Opening Hours

ENTER.Sake (sunset)                       2130h – 0600h
ENTER.Terrace (terrace)                 2300h – 0600h
ENTER.Mind (salon)                         0000h – 0500
ENTER.Air (premier etage)             0000h – 0500h
ENTER.Main Room                           0000h – 0630h

ENTER. Tickets

€5 discount for anybody sporting ENTER.’s black dot logo on their body
Before 2200h           15€ (10 w dot)
Before 2300h           30€ (25 w dot)
Before 0000h           40€ (35 w dot)
After 0000h             60€ (55 w dot)

Advance tickets