Paul Ritch Live & DJ Sets – Dates and Locations

Posted on Friday, 13th May, 2016 at 6:14 pm

Paul Ritch Live and DJ Set

When we consider Paul Ritch’s ability in terms of building techno sounds, immediately we think of his LIVE ACT, because every time, be it in clubs or festivals, he shows an incredible display of skills and musical intelligence. Now, the Parisian producer boasts a new DJ SET, a fresh facet that is equally creative but with the wealth provided by additional resources and tools.

Paul has had a solid career in the electronic music world, driven by an endless hunger of motion and creation; thanks to his underground style, his label QUARTZ REC has become a reference on the scene. Now for the first time, already-familiar stages will experience the other side of this extraordinary musical alchemist as Paul’s DJ SET arrives in Colombia, Italy, France, Holland, UK, Spain and Belgium among other countries during the months of April, May and June.

Stay tuned because new dates will be announced soon!!

01. apr Salon Amador Medellin Colombia DJ SET
02. apr Baum Club Bogota, Colombia DJ SET
08. apr Nox Club Madrid, Spain DJ SET
09. apr Dockyard Amsterdam, Netherlands DJ SET
15. apr Drumcode @ Waagnatie Antwerpen, Belgium LIVE
16. apr Cité du Cinéma Saint-Denis, France LIVE
23. apr Industrial Copera Granada, Spain DJ SET
24. apr 10 years of Lx Music Lisboa, Portugal DJ SET
01. may WYS! @ Fabric London, England DJ SET
14. may NightSounds @FBI Discoclub Cagliari, Italy DJ SET
15. may Mind the Gap Messina, Italy DJ SET
21. may Metropolis Club Caserta, Italy DJ SET
26. may Mindshake @ Sankeys Ibiza Ibiza, Spain DJ SET
27. may DIP @Bunatee Qubsu Belfast, Northern Ireland LIVE
28. may One Beautiful Day Talavera de la Reina, Spain LIVE
05. jun XDC Festival Mexico City, Mexico DJ SET
09. jun Hard Club Oporto, Portugal DJ SET
10. jun Music On @ Amnesia Ibiza, Spain DJ SET
11. jun Chalet Club Turin Italy DJ SET
17. jun Loveland Barcelona, Spain LIVE
19. jun EDC festival Las Vegas, USA LIVE
24. jun Origin @ Le Dieze Montpellier, France DJ SET
25. jun Summer History Festival Madrid, Spain LIVE